There are more than 30 hypnotherapists in Exeter and 40 in the Plymouth area. How do you know which one to call?

The problems you want help with could be very personal, embarrassing or troubling. You might never have discussed them even with your family and best friends. You may have seen therapists before and not been helped.

I was a registered nurse for thirty years, and in that time I’ve learned a few things. Things you don’t learn in a weekend, or from a book or video, or from a marketing or business course. I have talked down “jumpers” from tall buildings. I’ve had to tell people the news they most dreaded hearing about the people they most cared about. I have persuaded people to give up weapons with which they had intended to harm themselves. I have cared for many people in the last hours of their lives. I have dealt with serious violent incidents, and still maintained a good relationship with those involved.

You’ll find lots of factual information on my website, based on research and personal experience. You won’t find empty boasting about being “the best” because such claims have no real meaning. I might be the best for you- but if I think somebody else would suit you better then I’ll tell you.

Respect has to be earned. You can’t buy it or demand it. When I was a nurse, people said they felt safe when I was in charge, and that I listened intently to patients no matter what was going on around me. My consultant psychiatrist noted that I could relate easily to people with “personality disorders,” and that this was a rare ability. 

I’ve now been doing hypnotherapy professionally for thirty years. I often see adult clients who weren’t even born when I started. I see many clients whom other therapists have been unable to help.

So if you think I could help you, or if you just want to know more, you can fill in the contact form below, or phone me on 01392 574669. If I’m with a client I won’t be able to answer the phone, so just leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you. Please say the number slowly and clearly.

IMPORTANT: You need to tick the box where it says “I consent to having this website collect my personal data via this form.” This is a legal requirement and the form won’t send if it’s not ticked. The only data collected is of course the data which you put on the form and the IP address. If this is a problem you could always phone instead.

“I’m extremely grateful to Pete for the therapy that he has given to my daughter for severe phobia and anxiety. Within a couple of sessions, the positive change in her was dramatic. His approach was different to other hypnotherapist that we’ve tried and the only one which was effective. I would highly recommend him.” October 2020.


Having overcome a phobia myself I understand how it feels to be constantly on edge around something that’s actually harmless. Millions of people have this problem (about one person in every ten).

The list of phobias is almost endless. And phobias can affect anyone, including people who are generally courageous. A phobia is frustrating and embarrassing, especially when other people do not understand the intensity of fear which is experienced.

Phobias can limit peoples’ lives in so many ways. For instance:

Fear of public speaking in interviews, group presentations in college, or workplace meetings could hold back your education and career.

Fear of closed spaces can make travel in any vehicle a nightmare, affecting work, social life and holidays.

Fear of flying prevents many people from going abroad for holidays or family visits. This has affected even some world-famous entertainers, preventing them from touring outside their own country!

Fear of heights compels people to take long detours to avoid high bridges. Some even refuse hospital treatment if the clinic is on an upper floor!

Some people avoid certain jobs, or even having children, because they cannot tolerate the sight or sound of anyone being sick.

Others avoid the countryside or even city parks for fear of dogs or bees.

So overcoming your phobia can open up your life in many ways, allowing new opportunities and experiences!

Click HERE to know more about what causes a phobia.

Click HERE for more details on the most common phobias.


Traumatic experiences can blight many peoples’ lives long after the event itself. Controlling relationships can also leave people vulnerable and limited even when they have escaped from the controlling person. But with help the damage can be repaired and the personality made stronger than before. Click HERE for more about this topic.


If you’ve been damaged by controlling relationships, traumatised, or dominated by a phobia or chronic anxiety, you will probably lack self-confidence, and this will limit your life in many ways. Click HERE for more about help with building your self-confidence.

Whatever your problem, overcoming it will open the way into a more satisfying life! And for 30 years I have been helping people to achieve this. My clients come to me from all over Devon, Plymouth, Exeter, Cornwall, and Somerset, sometimes even further. You can read some reviews of my work from former clients HERE.


Every month I record one or two new videos for my Youtube channel. The most recent video is linked below. In these videos I discuss how hypnotherapy can help you, and how you can help yourself. I will also be talking about many other topics relating to therapy and mental health, in which I’ve worked for over forty years.


I charge £50 per session. On average clients need about three sessions for best results, but sometimes more, and sometimes less. So I suggest you allow for about £150 total spend. Please allow time for car parking if you’re driving, there are car parks within five minutes walk of both my venues.

All appointments are face-to-face as I do not believe the same standard of therapy can be achieved through Zoom calls. I mostly see my clients at Homedale Health Consulting Rooms near Exeter city centre. I am also at the Dragonfly Wellbeing Centre in Mutley, Plymouth, on Thursday afternoon and evenings.

I will not be giving you tedious long-winded lectures, telling you your fear is nonsensical, because you know that already.

Instead we will be targeting the fear itself, resetting your imagination to empower you instead of terrorising you.

Not everyone will be suitable for this package so you will need to contact me so I can assess whether you are suitable for this approach. I work mainly with adults but will also see teenagers from about fifteen years old and upwards. All clients under eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Phobia and anxiety is my main speciality, but I’ve helped clients with many other problems over my 30 years in fulltime practice. There are also a few issues I do not work with. See the FAQs page for details.

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: Appointments in Exeter cancelled at less than 48 hours notice are charged for at the rate of £15. This is what it costs me to book the room which I still have to pay if less than 48 hours notice of cancellation.

alternatively you can phone me on 01392 574669, leaving your name and number, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Please speak slowly and clearly.


If you’re not yet ready to make an appointment but would like to know more, or if you’re just generally interested in phobias and how they are overcome, you can subscribe to my mailing list to receive updates whenever I post a new video on Youtube. Just add your name and email in the form below. Your contact details will NEVER be shared with any other company or person.

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