Sleep is as essential to health as food and water. Prolonged sleep deprivation causes severe mental and physical problems.  Some people find it hard to get off to sleep. Others find they wake repeatedly in the night, while others wake too early in the morning. Others are disturbed by troubled dreams which may even awake them in a state of panic, afraid of re-entering the nightmare.

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sleep in the best medicine

Hypnosis can help to break a habit persisting from previous experiences, for instance having a fretful baby, working night shifts, or feeling unsafe at night. In other cases the problem is due to worrying.

Also, some couples may wait till they’re in bed together to try and sort out some conflict in their relationship. Because they are tired by that time and unable to think constructively, they fail to resolve their problems and their resentment and anger keeps them awake, or invades their dreams when they do sleep. Watching TV or using an iphone last thing at night also prevents some people from sleeping, because the bright light of the screen fools the brain into thinking it’s still daytime.

At the first therapy session I will induce hypnotic trance to assess how you experience hypnosis. Based on your feedback I may then create a personalised MP3 which you can use at bed-time to help re-train your brain to fall asleep. Other factors that may be keeping you awake can also be addressed.

I can also show you methods to change the story-line of your dreams, this can prevent the kind of edgy or depressing hangover that can persist all day after waking in the middle of a bad dream. This takes practice but it’s very effective once you get the hang of it.

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