This is also called Agoraphobia which means fear of wide open spaces, but in many cases the person may fear going anywhere outside their own home. Fear of going out or agoraphobia is much more common than most people realise. It is horribly restricting, because it prevents people from making friends or keeping friends, having contact with family, getting education and employment, and visiting places of entertainment. The internet is no substitute for real life! In big cities like Plymouth or Exeter there are many people who never leave their home at all, and many more who go out only for essential shopping or doctor’s appointments.

This fear of going out often results from prolonged low mood, bullying at work or in school, and abusive relationships, and makes it harder to overcome these problems.

By overcoming this fear you would gain a much more enjoyable and interesting life, including new friends who could become your allies and helpers in so many ways. You could discover new opportunities that you never knew existed. You would escape from limitations which in some cases are worse than if you were actually in prison!

In some cases the fear of going outside is more about a fear of meeting people. If that’s your problem, click HERE for more about overcoming the fear of other people (social phobia).

Cost of therapy for fear of going out

Therapy sessions for fear of going out or agoraphobia are £60 per session, which is about the average going rate in this area. How many sessions are needed varies from person to person, as no two people are the same. However in my experience it’s normally between three and eight sessions. We will be aiming for a permanent change in this time. This is not like seeing a hairdresser where you keep on going back on a regular basis. Once you get over a phobia there is normally no reason why you would get it back.


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