Fear of dogs is a very common phobia. And since there are about twelve million dogs in this country, you never know when you might meet one. There are so many places where dogs could be encountered- in the park, in the street, at a friend’s house, on the beach or walking in the countryside. You miss out on so much if you avoid these places because of fear of dogs. You might even be avoiding friends or family members because they have a dog and do not understand how badly dogs upset you.

In fact long before I was a hypnotherapist I had a fear of dogs myself, so I know just how inconvenient and embarrassing this fear can be. Having overcome the fear of dogs myself, I now actually like dogs and enjoy interacting with them. They are such affectionate and fun-loving creatures, with the same emotions as a human being!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy any park or beach or countryside location where there might be dogs, or visit friends and family who have dogs, without any fear or discomfort- even enjoying the dog’s company and seeing it as a friend or family member, not something to be feared?

You can read more HERE about I work with this and other phobias.

What does it cost?

Therapy sessions are £60 per session, which is about the average going rate in this area. How many sessions are needed varies from person to person, as no two people are the same. However in my experience it’s normally between three and eight sessions. We will be aiming for a permanent change in this time. This is not like seeing a hairdresser where you keep on going back on a regular basis. Once you get over a phobia there is normally no reason why you would get it back.

Pete Luce with a very big dog
As you see here I overcame my own phobia of dogs!


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