Fear of Blood and Needles

This is a well known phobia which affects many people. In fact, many nursing and medical students have suffered from the fear of blood and needles in the past, but have overcome it and now enjoy successful careers.

The fear of blood and the fear of needles often go together, but not always. Some people are okay with having injections, but cannot cope with someone having a nosebleed for example. Others cannot stand having any kind of needle stuck into them for any reason.

These fears have very little to do with pain- although of course the pain of a needle being inserted will be increased if fear has caused your muscles to tense up. If the patient is calm and the health professional is also calm and competent, there is really very little pain involved in blood tests or injections, and what pain there is will last only moments.

Despite this, many people are horrified by anything to do with blood or needles. Sometimes there’s an obvious reason for this fear, like a traumatic experience in the past, but other times there’s no clear reason.

Another problem which can affect student health professionals is emetophobia or fear of vomiting, especially of seeing other people vomiting. I also help people with this problem. For more about emetophobia click HERE.

What does it cost?

Therapy sessions for fear of blood and needles are £60 per session, which is about the average going rate in this area. How many sessions are needed varies from person to person, as no two people are the same. However in my experience it’s normally between three and eight sessions. We will be aiming for a permanent change in this time. This is not like seeing a hairdresser where you keep on going back on a regular basis. Once you get over a phobia there is normally no reason why you would get it back.


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