From Google My Business 2022

I have always travelled without any issues. On one occasion I had a horrendous experience with a long haul turbulent flight. So much so it gave me a fear of flying. I would feel sick with worry about it and although I knew it was stupid to think, I would worry the turbulence meant loosing control of the plane. So after a family trip to Orlando was booked I didn’t want to feel that anxiety and I didn’t want to pass it to my son. So I called Peter, based on his wonderful reviews. They were not wrong! I had two turbulent flights for this holiday as well as sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours before take off. Not one bit of me was anxious or afraid. When we had turbulence I was fine, calm and just carried on with what I was doing. It was incredible!!! I highly recommend him for hypnotherapy and wouldn’t think twice about using him again!

October 2020

“I’m extremely grateful to Pete for the therapy that he has given to my daughter for severe phobia and anxiety. Within a couple of sessions, the positive change in her was dramatic. His approach was different to other hypnotherapist that we’ve tried and the only one which was effective. I would highly recommend him.”

From Google My Business. 2019.

Pete Luce is a very professional and experienced hypnotherapist.  He instantly puts you at ease and has a very kind and caring manner.  He has helped me overcome an issue I struggled with for many years and his help has been life changing for me.  I highly recommend his services and only wish I had found him sooner.

From Google My Business. 2019.

I needed hypnotherapy to help me with driving exam nervousness. I choose Pete Luce as he had good credentials and his background in mental health nursing, which meant he had real clinical healthcare experience. Through the whole consultation and hypnotherapy session, I felt relaxed and confident that Pete Luce was able to help me. I did finally able to overcome my exam nerves and passed the driving test with the help of hypnotherapy. I’m happy to recommend Pete Luce for his down to earth professionalism.

From Google My Business (previous address) April 2018

Pete is highly professional and very easy to talk with. Pete has helped me with more than I could have expected from sleep related issues, to confidence, stress and anxiety. I had never been hypnotised before and turned to hypnosis as a last resort unsure if it would work or what to expect. I felt I had lost complete control of myself and who I was. Pete never judged me or made me feel uncomfortable he listened and was very supportive.

From Google My Business (previous address) April 2016

Would definitely recommend Pete for hypnotherapy… he always makes sure you are comfortable, warm enough, and offers water. Absolutely top bloke, very kind, relatable, easy to talk to with no pressure or judgement of any kind. You can tell he is very passionate about what he does, and he really does care. Helped me a massive deal with my anxiety.

From Facebook. September 2018.

I have used Pete’s services and only have positive things to say about him! Very understanding and very professional. Helped me get over a life long phobia I thought would haunt me forever!

If you’re not sure whether to try hypnotherapy or not, I’d recommend at least chatting to Pete.

Couldn’t recommend him enough.

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