Where in the UK are the most hypnotherapists?

This map shows the number of hypnotherapists per 100,000 population for all English and Northern Ireland counties and for the modern administrative divisions in Scotland and Wales.

map showing distribution of hypnotherapists in UK
Distribution of hypnotherapists in the UK

Data was obtained from the Hypnotherapy Directory and from the public registers of the NCH, BSCH, and UKCP. The small minority of therapists who did not have websites were excluded. The very high concentration in southern England is notable, especially in Bristol which is presumable due to the large training school located there. In Scotland there is a greater density in the large cities. The high density in Huntingdonshire compared to neighbouring Cambridgeshire is a curious finding.

From the same database which I compiled I’ve also created a pie chart showing how long hypnotherapists have been in practice. The preponderance of therapists having less than five years experience shows the very high turnover in the profession.

If you’re thinking of training as a hypnotherapist yourself you might be wondering where is the best place to live. However this map shows all hypnotherapists who are bothering to have a a website. Some of them are very successful, seeing 20 clients a week, but others are only seeing one client and not even covering their overheads.

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