Other Phobias

On this page I am listing some of the less common phobias which I have helped people to overcome during my 30 years as a hypnotherapist.

Stage fright

Fear of new foods (This is also called selective eating disorder. Although this is classed as an eating disorder it is similar to a phobia and responds to similar therapy techniques.)

Dysmorphobia (This means an extreme dislike of one’s own appearance. People with dysmorphobia see themselves as being extremely ugly and make great efforts to hide any trivial or imaginary defect in their appearance. This is a complex condition but it does resemble a phobia in many ways).

Fear of swimming or diving

Fear or intense sensitivity to noise

Fear of falling off a horse or bicycle

All phobias have the same underlying pattern and are caused by similar experiences, and all can be treated using much the same methods, although of course the therapy must be tailored to each individual client.

The one phobia I prefer not to treat is dental phobia. There are actually a good many dentists who have training and experience in hypnosis for this specific issue, so you are really best off seeing one of them. The British Society for Clinical and Academic Hypnosis, to which I belong, includes many dentists. Their website is HERE. It is much simpler to have the same person doing the hypnosis and doing the actual dental work, as they can then continually reinforce the hypnosis as they proceed.

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