This is a very common fear in modern life due to the greatly increased use of airplane travel. More and more people nowadays have family members and friends living in other countries. So the fear of flying can impact upon social life as well as holiday and job opportunities. Fear of flying is especially difficult when your job requires long distance travel.

Often the fear of flying arises from a bad experience with “air turbulence,” as in this client of mine who wrote the following testimonial on Google.

Testimonial from a client who overcame fear of flying

I have always travelled without any issues. On one occasion I had a horrendous experience with a long haul turbulent flight. So much so it gave me a fear of flying. I would feel sick with worry about it and although I knew it was stupid to think, I would worry the turbulence meant loosing control of the plane. So after a family trip to Orlando was booked I didn’t want to feel that anxiety and I didn’t want to pass it to my son.

So I called Peter, based on his wonderful reviews. They were not wrong! I had two turbulent flights for this holiday as well as sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours before take off. Not one bit of me was anxious or afraid. When we had turbulence I was fine, calm and just carried on with what I was doing. It was incredible!!! I highly recommend him for hypnotherapy and wouldn’t think twice about using him again!

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What does it cost?

Therapy sessions are £60 per session, which is about the average going rate in this area. How many sessions are needed varies from person to person, as no two people are the same. However in my experience clients generally see a great improvement after as little as two sessions for this particular problem. We will be aiming for a permanent change in this time. This is not like seeing a hairdresser where you keep on going back on a regular basis. Once you get over a phobia there is normally no reason why you would get it back.


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Now read on for more in-depth information about fear of flying.

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying

The main focus of fear varies greatly from person to person. We see this is all phobias. Knowing for instance that someone has acrophobia (fear of heights) is not enough information on which to base a course of therapy. More detail is required of what exactly the person is afraid of and what are the fantasies and fears and physical symptoms which they experience.

I discuss HERE in more detail how phobias in general are created.

The main varieties of fear of flying

Some people who have fear of flying are most afraid of the powerful physical sensation of take-off. Others might feel reassured by the power of the engines which will keep them flying. These people might be more afraid during the cruising stage, fearing that the plane could just “fall out of the sky.” Some are most afraid of landing, because they know that accidents are more likely at this stage. Others are afraid of hijacking by terrorists. And some folk just don’t like the idea of sitting in a metal cylinder which they cannot possibly get out of until the plane has landed.

Most fear of flying seems to arise from experiencing “air turbulence” during an actual flight. This is especially likely to cause a phobia if the person is aware of other passengers panicking. It’s worse still if the cabin crew are looking worried. Another big factor is that an airplane crash will generally be the headline news in the media that day and sometimes for days afterwards as bodies are recovered and causes discussed. By contrast there are hundreds of car accidents every day but these are rarely reported at all unless they’re especially tragic or involve a celebrity.

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