Terms and Conditions

My normal fee is £60 per session. Sessions are about one hour.

Fees are payable by cash or bank transfer, session by session. I do not normally book a whole course of sessions in advance.

I need clients to give me more than 48 hours notice if they need to cancel a session. Please text me as soon as you know you need to cancel a session. I always give my text number to every client who books a session. For sessions cancelled at less than 48 hours notice there is a fee of £15 to cover the room booking which I still have to pay. (Most therapists charge full fee for cancellations but I recognise that people have complicated lives and may need to cancel at short notice. However I still need to pay for the room).

I have zero tolerance of any physical or verbal threats, attempted intimidation or abuse directed at me personally, all of which will result in the immediate and permanent ending of therapy with me. (However I’m pleased to say that in 30 years of doing therapy this problem has never occurred!)

The Holmedale Centre where I work is about five minutes walk from Magdalene Road car park. It has a ground floor entrance and waiting room. However if you can’t manage stairs I would need to book a ground floor consulting room so please specify if you need this.

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